Jobs at Radius

If you are interested in applying for a role, please email with your resume and a paragraph about why you’d like to work with us. 

Qualities we look for in all candidates

These shared principles set expectations for employees and create an environment where we each strive to do our best work. 

  • Depth and growth. Depth means the willingness and excitement to go the extra mile to understand a topic. We ask questions, seek knowledge in all forms, and explore. From that depth of understanding, we hold an open mind and learning mindset. We are always seeking, always learning, always growing. 
  • Hospitality personality. We view Radius as more than just a butcher and grocery store; it’s a classroom. We love answering questions, teaching, and learning alongside our customers. With enthusiasm, warmth, and patience, we make every shopper and employee feel welcome to learn with us about how to cook with local, seasonal ingredients.
  • Food, farm, and soil lover. We are passionate about the origins of our food. We want to know about the breed, diet, farming techniques, harvest methodology, and soil quality for every item in the shop. This is as true for steaks as it is for carrots — every piece of food is the result of countless decisions by farmers and how they navigate their land. We honor these farmers, vegetables, and animals by pursuing excellence in our craft to showcase their efforts.  


Below are the current roles we’re hiring for. If you don’t see something that fits your interest or expertise, you can send a general application too.

Category and Data Director

If you love food and spreadsheets equally, this role is for you. We’re looking for a systems-oriented Category and Data Director who is amazing at designing systems for sourcing products, inventory management, ordering, pricing, data analytics, and product rotation. You should be excited about sourcing the best quality products, and enabling employees and consultants to contribute to sourcing too. The role requires close collaboration with butchers, stockers, and external suppliers (farmers and manufacturers) to ensure we meet and exceed shopper expectations. Great candidates are food lovers, financially oriented, data savvy, and software and spreadsheet experts.


  • Oversee the product mix for the entire store — meat, produce, seafood, dairy, and dry goods.
  • Manage all of Radius's core software systems (POS, inventory, pricing, data reports). 
  • Develop and implement category plans, source products, manage vendor relationships.
  • Determine product placement for the full floor plan.  
  • Define our sourcing standards and identify the best local perishable products and global non-perishable products.
  • Build systems that enable other employees for ordering, product intake, inventory updates, vendor management. 
  • Seamlessly introduce and exit products that grow unit sales and overall margin, with an eye towards reducing waste and driving discovery.
  • Drive a data-driven culture. Build data reports, define pricing strategies, scrutinize margins and P&L in order to meet and exceed financial targets and ensure profitability.

Desired Experience and Skills:

  • 5+ years of experience as a category manager in a grocery setting, ideally in small format stores with broad responsibilities. Experience with all core aspects of category management like category plans, pricing models, ordering systems, and sourcing.
  • Experience and expertise in working with inventory management, accounting, and spreadsheet software, and willingness to learn new software systems. Ideally experience with ECRS. 
  • Experience managing local farmer relationships is preferred. Familiarity with different farming techniques and how they impact product nutrition, flavor, and shelf-life.
  • Analytical, quantitative mindset. Data-driven with a love for spreadsheets.
  • Excellent at building intuitive systems and processes for employees and external partners to interact with.
  • Clear communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Excellent problem-solver, with an emphasis on ease, clarity, and convenience for the customer.


You will play a crucial role in ensuring our customers have access to high-quality meat products.  You will be responsible for fabricating, trimming, producing, and presenting beautiful meat products for sale to our customers.  You will provide excellent customer service, and enthusiastically communicate expert guidance on meat selection and preparation.  You will maintain a clean and safe working environment, and collaborate with other staff members to achieve collective goals and assure customer satisfaction.

Desired Experience and Skills:

  • You take pride in your punctuality, organization and cleanliness.
  • You have done basic butchery before, either in a restaurant or butcher shop, including some trimming, seaming, slicing, and/or grinding. 
  • You are excited to level up your butchery skills and contribute to a collegial work environment.
  • You are excited by customer interactions, and relish the opportunity to share our food treasures with others.
  • You are able to lift up to 50 pounds unassisted, and heavier lifts with assistance. You are able to stand for long periods.
  • You have a Food Handler’s Certification (HAACP or equivalent.)
  • You know when to ask for help.


You’ll be the friendly face our shoppers see at checkout and the helpful hand that keeps our shelves perfectly stocked. You are a great fit for this role if you love cooking and want to share that love with others with a welcoming, teaching attitude. You'll help customers at self-checkout, receive deliveries, manage inventory, restock produce and dry goods, answer shopper questions about products, and maintain a neat and welcoming store environment. 

Desired Experience and Skills:

  • Prior experience in retail or customer service, ideally in a food environment. 
  • Strong communication skills and a genuinely friendly demeanor.
  • Active home cook (even a beginner!).
  • Efficient multitasking and organizational abilities.
  • Flexible in working different shifts, including weekends and holidays.