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Announcing the Radius location!

Announcing the Radius location!
Exterior rendering from Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

We are excited to finally announce Radius’s location! We are moving into the Salt & Time space at 1912 E 7th St. Salt & Time has been a pillar of the Austin farm-to-table community for over a decade, and we hope to honor and extend that legacy. Ben and Bryan, the owners of Salt & Time, are incredibly talented butchers and charcutiers, wonderful people, and generous souls. They have been very helpful in transitioning the Salt & Time space to Radius Butcher & Grocery. We’re grateful for their wisdom and support.  

Salt & Time will be open through July 6th. Then after months of construction, Radius Butcher & Grocery will open late this year at 1912 E 7th St. To stay up-to-date on progress, sign up for the Radius newsletter or follow @eatRadius.

While Radius is a different company than Salt & Time, we will support the same ethos of locally sourced ingredients, craft butchery, and sustainable practices. Salt & Time was both a butcher and restaurant; Radius will be a butcher and grocery with no dedicated restaurant. The restaurant area will be repurposed to create more space for grocery — fresh Texas fruit and vegetables, wild-caught Gulf seafood, larger butcher cases, local grains, sauces, and much more. Here’s a sneak preview of the floorplan created in collaboration with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture: 

Radius’s vision is to combine the abundance, seasonality, and localism of a farmer’s market with the convenience of a grocery store. The store will have everything you need to cook seasonal homemade meals — local, pastured meat along with local, organic produce, grains, eggs, cheeses, and wild-caught Gulf seafood. No more, no less. No towering center aisles of processed foods, no endless options in every subcategory. Just a curated selection of the most delicious and nutritious local food in a beautiful space. Here’s a draft rendering of the meat and seafood cases:

We plan to source from many of the same farms that Salt & Time did like Peaceful Pork, Greener Pastures Chicken, and Farm to Table TX. We also ordered 100 pastured turkeys from Richardson’s Farm. Even if our 7th St doors aren’t fully open in November, we’ll arrange convenient pickup options. We’ll share info about turkey pre-orders on the newsletter and social accounts closer to Thanksgiving.

With the additional space for grocery, we’ll be able to expand our farmer relationships and support even more local producers like Heritage Seafood, Pure Pastures, Dos Lunas, and many more. We can’t wait to share these Texas farms and their wonderful products with you! If there are any farms or products you would love to see at Radius, please don't hesitate to reach out!