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December Update

A visit to Greener Pastures Chicken plus updates on store location, team, and more.
December Update
Sean from Greener Pastures Chicken in Elgin, TX
  • Location. I'm in the early stages of negotiation to buy an existing restaurant that has some butchery infrastructure. This would dramatically speed up my timelines.
  • Head Butcher. I met an awesome butcher who could be a good fit for GM / Head Butcher. We're still getting to know each other but I am cautiously optimistic. 
  • Sourcing. I'm going to Greener Pastures Chicken on Wednesday to check out their fields and new slaughterhouse. They are probably the best option for sourcing local organic chicken. 
  • Design and Build. I'm meeting with Michael Hsu Architecture on Tuesday to talk about branding and store design. I also connected with a great GC who has built a ton of restaurants around Texas (all the Torchy's locations are the highlight) and he has worked with Michael Hsu before.
  • Mentorship. The head butcher from Niku in SF has been mentoring me and I have a call coming up with the creator of The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley, another great role model for Radius.