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January Update

Joe Saenz joined Radius as head butcher and GM! Plus updates on store location, design, and more.
January Update
Joe Saenz joined the team!
  • Location. The negotiations with the existing restaurant are going well. I'm evaluating one more space on South Lamar that I think is a better location, but it will take more work since there's no existing infrastructure there. It was also previously a restaurant, but the renovation will be much larger. Both very good options!
  • Head Butcher and Team. Joe Saenz joined the team as head butcher and general manager! I couldn't be more excited to work with him. Joe is from San Antonio and is a graduate of both CIA San Antonio and Hyde Park. Joe moved back to Texas after 9 years working in New York City’s restaurant and fine food retail industry. From line cook to cheese wrapper to butcher to General Manager, Joe contributed to A Voce Madison, Marlow & Daughters, Bedford Cheese Shop, and The Meat Hook. Joe is excited to bring his passion for righteous farming and craft butchery back home and pursue his dream to open a whole-animal butcher shop.
  • Sourcing. No progress on sourcing since I've been focused on the location, team, and design.
  • Design and Build.
    • Architects: I have meetings scheduled with 6 architecture firms (Michael Hsu, Alterstudio, Side Angle Side, Thoughtbarn, Boor Projects, RDC). I’ll narrow the list down to 3 for final interviews in the coming weeks.
    • Brand Designers: I have meetings scheduled with 5 brand design agencies (Amanda Woodward @ Michael Hsu, Chen Design, Way Creative, SDCO, Abe Zieleniec).
    • Timeline: My goal is to have the architect, brand designer, GC, and location finalized by March 1st so we can start designing.  
  • Other. 
    • I met with a bookkeeping service to properly plan the financial infrastructure from the start so I have visibility into the core drivers of the business.