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March Update

Updates on floor plan layout, brand design, jobs, and more.
March Update
Adjectives we’re using to inspire the Radius architecture and brand design work with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Design and Build 

We have officially kicked off the architecture and brand design process with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture! We met twice in March and have made good progress so far. On the brand design side, we have decided on an overall design direction and are now moving into creating the brand design kit. That kit will be used as the foundational philosophy for all our design — in-store signage, exterior signage, packaging, website, etc.

On the architecture side, we have a draft floor plan that lays out the butcher cases, seafood case, refrigerated produce, non-refrigerated produce, dry goods, and more! Probably 80% of the floor plan is figured out and we'll be refining the remaining 20% over the coming months.


Not much progress on sourcing, but we will have a lot more to share soon. Our goal is to get to a short list of ~5 farms for each core product category (beef, pork, chicken, other poultry, seafood, wild game, produce). We will visit those farms to understand their practices and then narrow the list down to our core suppliers. We’re collaborating with a regenerative agriculture expert to define our sourcing principles and the qualities we will look for in our farm partners. Expect a blog post about sourcing soon!

Growing the team

Next month we’ll post job openings for senior butchers, butchers, a grocery category manager, and cashier/stockers. If you or anyone you know might be interested in a role, reach out to jobs@eatradius.com!


Our verbal agreement to buy an existing restaurant still stands, and now we are just waiting to meet with the landlords to discuss lease terms.